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    ResearchOne is the brand used by USF Research & Innovation to promote research-related activities and events that showcase the work of our researchers throughout the USF System. Our goal is to support researchers throughout the university and to encourage everyone to learn more about the innovative research work of USF faculty, as well as external researchers and other experts in their fields. We want to help you promote your ResearchOne江苏快3高手计划 events.

    Eligible Events

    To be considered a ResearchOne event, your event must be research-related. ResearchOne江苏快3高手计划 events could include:

    • Speakers
    • Exhibitions
    • Oral or poster presentations
    • Seminars
    • Symposia
    • Conferences
    • Workshops

    Instructional activities and regular faculty or departmental meetings would not be considered ResearchOne events.

    Eligible Expenses

    江苏快3高手计划ResearchOne funding may be used for event expenses such as:

    • Printing
    • Speaker honoraria and travel
    • Supplies
    • Advertising 
    • Poster board rental

    Funding may not be used for food and beverage, cash awards, award plaques, or give-aways.

    Funding Information

    Research & Innovation, in collaboration with our ResearchOne sponsors, offers the opportunity to apply for limited funding from $100 to $1,000 for research-related events held at a USF venue. Note: You may apply for an event to be held off-campus and it will be considered on a case-by-case basis. However, on-campus events will be given priority.

    Apply for funding by completing parts 1 and 2 of the at least sixty (60) days江苏快3高手计划 prior to the date of your event. Funding is limited so apply early. (If you are not applying for funding, and just want your event posted on social media, complete only Part 1.)

    江苏快3高手计划Be sure to indicate how your event is research-related. List the names of invited speakers, if applicable.  Also specify how students will be involved. Event must be open to all USF students at no charge to them.

    Reimbursement documentation, including receipts, agenda, list of attendees, and marketing materials, should be forwarded to judidorn@usf.edu within thirty (30) days following your event. 

    Submitting an application does not guarantee funding.

    Marketing Support

    Your event will be posted on USF Research Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, as applicable. Submit your event for posting on social media by completing Part 1 of the ONLINE APPLICATION or emailing your event flyer to judidorn@usf.edu江苏快3高手计划.

    You may also send photos, press releases, and other event information for posting to social media either before or after your event.

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    Branding Your Event as ResearchOne

    Brand your event as a ResearchOne event by including the ResearchOne logo on your website, event posters, invitations, announcements, emails, banners, signs, displays, etc. You must include the logo on all printed materials when funded. However, you may use the ResearchOne branding even if not funded. Download ResearchOne江苏快3高手计划 logos below.

    Right-click on one of the links below the logos and select "Save Link As" to save the JPEG logo file to your computer. (When resizing the logo, be sure to hold down the shift key.) For additional file formats or colors, contact judidorn@usf.edu.

    Download ResearchOne Logo

    Download ResearchOne Logo






             1-color green logo (JPG format)                         1-color black logo (JPG format)


    ResearchOne is presented by USF Research & Innovation.

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    For questions contact Judi Dorn in USF Research & Innovation at judidorn@usf.edu or 974-5122.