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    A Standing Council of the University of South Florida System Faculty Council (SFC)

    江苏快3高手计划The Research Council (RC) is a standing council of the USF System Faculty Council (SFC) and reports to the SFC and the Senior Vice President for Research & Innovation. The RC is operated and managed by the Faculty Senate of USF Tampa on behalf of the SFC, and the RC will report to that body. Members of the RC will be appointed by the Senior Vice President for Research & Innovation from nominees provided by the USF Tampa Faculty Senate's Committee on Committees.

    Refer to: Committee on Committees Nomination Form (MS Word)

    The Research Council is responsible for advising the President, Senior Vice President for Research & Innovation, and other administration officials across the USF System on matters pertaining to policies and procedures intended to promote growth, excellence, and integrity in research and creative activity throughout the university community.

    Membership consists of one representative from each college of USF Tampa; one additional representative from any college having more than 250 full-time faculty members; a third representative from any college having more than 400 full-time faculty members; one representative each from USF St. Petersburg, USF Sarasota-Manatee, and two faculty members at large. Appointees typically serve a three-year term and have demonstrated productivity in research or other creative activity.

    江苏快3高手计划The Research Council meets twice a month during the Fall and Spring Semesters and on an ad hoc basis during the Summer, as needed. RC members conduct the Internal Award selection process for Research and Innovation and recognizing that participation on the RC is a time intensive endeavor, RC members (with the exception of the current chair) are eligible to apply for an Internal Award while serving on the RC pursuant to the guidelines in the council's operating procedures.

    Activities of the Research Council

    USF Internal Awards grant program: develop policies & procedures and recommend awardees

    • Conference Support Grants
    • Creative Scholarship Grants
    • Faculty International Travel Grants
    • New Researcher Grants
    • Proposal Enhancement Grants
    • Research Faculty Pathway Grants

    University-wide grants and awards: review & recommend awardees

    • Outstanding Research Achievement Awards

    Limited submission pre-proposal selection: review & rank pre-proposals for Senior Vice President. Chair, or designee, attends one meeting of the SFC each semester and makes a report to the SFC members. Meet with councils and standing committees to promote research and other creative activities at USF.