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Astronaut, Don Thomas speaks to students at the Muma College of Business.

NASA Lands at USF

USF students received a unique opportunity to learn about NASA, the international space station and much more. Don Thomas shared stories about becoming an astronaut and his experiences in space exploration.

USF professors John Kuhn and Babu Joseph

Fueling Trucks and Jets with High Octane Waste

江苏快3高手计划Turning trash into fuel could potentially be a big part of achieving energy sustainability, and a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy will help researchers associated with the College of Engineering further develop a process that produces diesel and jet fuel from garbage.

USF PhD student Kiesha Pierre

Doctoral Student Receives Fellowship Designed to Empower Women

江苏快3高手计划University of South Florida PhD student Kiesha Pierre has been awarded the prestigious American Fellowship by the American Association of University Women – an award meant to help women overcome obstacles they may face in their pursuit of education.

USF research scientist harvesting microorganisms in a laboratory

An Unnatural Way to Make Natural Products

From medicine to fragrances, nature provides many of the key chemical compounds needed in an endless number of pharmaceuticals and consumer products. Now, a cutting-edge technique engineered by researchers at University of South Florida is changing the way scientists isolate these precious molecules.

Cars sitting in highway traffic

USF Awarded $7.5 Million to Establish New National University Transportation Research Initiative

江苏快3高手计划The U.S. Department of Transportation today announced that the University of South Florida will receive a $7.5 million grant to establish a national university transportation center aimed at advancing research and education programs that address the nation’s critical transportation challenges.

A graphic image showing the human body with binary language around it.

Building Biologically-Inspired Software

USF electrical engineers look to the human immune system for clues on how to best protect digital networks.

Krishna Barri inside his laboratory

Turning a Lottery Windfall into Opportunities for Others

A University of South Florida alumnus is sharing his multi-million-dollar lottery winnings with the College of Engineering to help financially support students there.

The COAST Autonomous vehicle travelling through the USF Tampa campus

Riding Into the Future

An autonomous shuttle is being tested at the University of South Florida campus in a first-of-its-kind research trial run by USF’s Center for Urban Transportation Research.

University of South Florida: A Preeminent Research University

Human Waste Converter Invented at USF Recognized as Ready for Commercial Use

Created by USF Engineers, the NEWgenerator is making an impact in sustainability efforts around the world.

Sarah Garcia, a PhD student in Dr. Marvin Andujar's Neuro-Machine Interaction Lab, controls a drone with her mind.

Mind & Machine: Students to Compete in USF's First Brain-Drone Race

The 2019 USF Brain-Drone Race, scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 9, will feature teams from across USF as they race drones using brain-power.

University of South Florida: A Preeminent Research University

New Institute for Applied Engineering to Work Closely with SOCOM at MacDill AFB

USF’s ‘core competencies’ to make a difference in helping make the nation safer.

Sunshine Skyway Bridge

College of Engineering Helps Ensure a Smooth Ride on the Sunshine Skyway

江苏快3高手计划One image broadcast viewers are sure to see when the Tampa Bay area hosts major televised events, like a Super Bowl, is of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge spanning the water between Manatee and Pinellas counties.

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