10 cities with the worst credit scores

10 cities with the worst credit scores
That score can determine what interest rates they pay for everything from credit cards to mortgages — or even if they qualify for loans. It can even tip off Juliets about whether their Romeos are good would-be partners, given that researchers at the …
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5 Ways To Boost Your Credit Score in 2016
If you are starting from scratch, with no credit score at all, you should consider a secured credit card. And you should follow the same strategy: make one small transaction a month and pay the balance in full and on time. By the end of 2016 you will …
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Ten signs you have a really good credit score
Have you seen the TV commercials showing people bragging about their good credit scores? Well, they have reason to brag. That's because they're getting the best interest rates and terms when applying for car loans, mortgage loans, credit cards, and …
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Why is Experian the worst CRA?

Question by aj: Why is Experian the worst CRA?
These are generally the last to report a superior credit line, the initial to report a bad 1 as well as keep bad goods about record past the legal time limit.

Best answer:

Answer by Marcus
“and they keep bad products about record past the legal time limit. ”

Prove it then you are able to additionally send them info to this impact plus they need to eliminate it or in the event you are refused credit based about their info you are able to SUE them providing we hae provided them proof plus waited the compulsory 25 days.

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