Trademark Monitoring

After you’ve had your trademark application filed, it’s absolutely necessary that you monitor your trademark in some way. The USPTO does conduct a search of their own files so if someone does file for a Federal trademark after your registration it typically is rejected. However, relying on the USPTO to protect your trademark is a mistake for several reasons.

First and foremost, the USPTO is going to operate by their guidelines, which are strict to an extent. However, they may not be strict enough for your own liking. Let’s look at a real life example:

• Norcross Safety Products has a registered Federal trademark for Ladybug for “garden clogs and garden boots,” which is in International Class 25, the clothing class
• TSP Fashion has a pending Federal trademark for Lady B. for clothing of all types in International Class 25 and specifically mentioned “shoes, sandals and slippers”

On the surface they look different except in looking at the record for Lady B. you can see that there is also an inclusion of a design of a ladybug. Again, the names are different but the message of the name is similar as is the industry, namely clothing. This is not to say that the USPTO is wrong in not refusing Lady B’s filing but it does prove my point.

Let’s just assume that Norcross would take issue with this mark. Unless they’re monitoring their mark in some way, Norcross would not have a clue that Lady B. is close to becoming registered.

Second, it can take the USPTO almost 6 months to conduct a search of their records. This means that a competitor can be using the same or similar name that whole time, which means you’re likely losing customers and if so, you’re definitely losing money.

Third, the USPTO only searches their records, which consist of the Federal trademarks. Yes, that’s a large number of records however State trademarks are going to be relevant to your business as well.

Let’s say your business primarily does business on the West Coast but you have plans to expand to the East Coast. A Federal trademark does give you the right to the entire country, however, if someone has a New York trademark you’ll have new hurdles to deal with in expanding that can be time consuming and costly.

Those are three important reasons why monitoring your registered trademark is a necessary part of your business plan. There are a couple of different ways you can go about monitoring your mark – 1) hire a trademark monitoring service OR 2) have comprehensive trademark research conducted every 2-3 years.

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Worker Monitoring Computer Software Place Your Mind At Ease

The Internet seems itself to-be an addictive distraction for workers. If you suspect your company’s output is putting up with because of wasteful employee Internet use, then continue reading.

Worker Web Abuse Reduces Efficiency

Have you ever wondered in the event the staff members are being since effective as they could be? According to IT analysis company Gartner, non-work-related Internet surfing causes an estimated 40percent efficiency reduction annually for American organizations. It’s easy to think. Among these tasks such as real-time development feeds, instant messaging, internet sites, on line gaming and video websites like Youku and Netflix, it is amazing your staff can accomplish some thing.

Losing output is only one an element of the issue. Unrestricted Internet accessibility permits staff members to install illegal or copyrighted content from peer-to-peer companies, abuse the organization mail system or just waste valued time surfing improper web pages. Take a look at these outcomes from a recently available NUA Survey.

67per cent of WORKFORCE admitted creating an online business for personal reasons.
30% of BUSINESSES had been losing a work-day weekly to online punishment.
57per cent of ORGANIZATIONS did not know very well what their employees did on the web.
78per cent of ORGANIZATIONS blocked employees from particular the websites.

This Internet misuse could cost your company much more productivity. However now new technologies allow employers observe many aspects of their employees’ tasks, these types of Internet usage, etc. The staff member monitoring software will put your head ease and tell you precisely what your staff do in their work time. Among the unique advantages of staff member monitoring software is the ability to supply comprehensive monitoring just and rapidly without the necessity of every certain understanding.

Approaches to the Problem

An effective way for you is by using keylogger pc software on the employees’ PCs. PC keylogger (also called Microsoft windows 7 keylogger) is a smart option for you. With this keylogger for house windows 7, you can easily monitor the employees web tasks including keystroke typed, internet site visited,application made use of and files downloaded, further more, steering clear of the utilization of particular programs, block accessibility specific web pages can be obtained as well. Proven efficient, keylogger win 7 computer software can help you boost efficiency and keep employee discipline. This takes the guesswork away from knowing how your employees tend to be spending their particular work time.

As a workplace, it is possible to monitor employees in your computer network. This can be done simply with community tracking software eg NetVizor. This software are loaded onto your community to execute various monitoring and administration jobs from your own workstation. Check up on a user instantly by watching their particular display screen, or view past recorded tasks such documents exposed, internet sites went to plus.

Another readily available software is a cutting-edge Remote Spy computer software RemoteSpy. This sort of software is made to supply convenient use of the supervised PC from any place without use of IP details and direct contacts to your remote Computer. You should check the outcomes from any web browser.

With these computer software, it’s possible to have a whole understanding of your staff’ online activities while increasing your efficiency, which could put your head comfortable.

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How To Use Computer Monitoring Software To Check On Employees’ Performance

Workplace privacy has grown into a major controversial issue in recent times because nearly all states today legally sanction employee monitoring. Sophisticated technological innovations have led employees to come under surveillance both at the workplace and even outside the premises. Such workplace monitoring is seen to be crucial in maintaining daily business operations to avoid low work ethics. Losses due to employee theft and lawsuits are costing companies heavily. To curtail this, employee monitoring is being encouraged. This move is advantageous for employers and employees alike.


In larger businesses, there may be a special department assigned with the task of employee monitoring, but for smaller corporations, this may not be cost friendly. These small firms then use software programs to monitor employee performance. Today, employees can be monitored through various electronic monitoring means, something that employees have come to loathe. Most employees do not wish their every move to be watched and analyzed by their employers. Lack of laws for employee protection and technological abuse by employers have led to a widespread concern for employee privacy at the workplace.


Computer monitoring software can come in different types and enables the employer to check how accurate an employee’s performance and keystroke speed are, especially for those involved in data entry work. A video display terminal can be used to show the number of errors an employee is making every hour, the typing accuracy, the number of jobs being done, and the rate at which employee transactions are being made. This naturally helps management to maintain employee performance records that are used in appraisals later. Computer monitoring also discloses the time an employee has spent away from his or her computer. Besides, the employer gets a peek into what is stored in the employee PC terminals and hard drives. This lets them maintain close tabs on workers, and employees in turn can also benefit from access to this data to upgrade their own performance.

Things To Remember When Selecting Your Computer Monitoring Software

Go through reviews of employee monitoring software to come to a decision. Experiences of smaller entrepreneurs can be useful in making your own decision.
Find out how the software can be useful to your business operations.
Find out how easy it is to install the software and maintain it.
Examine whether it is possible to install the software on a server or if it must be installed separately at all workstations.
Determine whether the installation can be kept discreet.
Ask if support can be easily obtained in case a need arises.


Installing such employee monitoring software at the workplace is easy because all you have to do is inform your workers that their workstations are being monitored. This move is justified because employers have a right to know how company resources are being used in order to minimize losses. But, employees practicing this must have clear rules as to what they will be monitoring. Today, there are plenty of software monitoring programs that can be downloaded according to your needs and preferences. The key to success in any office is learning how to monitor employees and keep abreast of everything that is going on in the workplace. Advantages of such programs are more than obvious, and the greatest benefit is that they are easy to install and can be kept secret. These programs maintain a log of all the keystrokes being typed in a PC, chats, e-mails, and instant messages, which can be reviewed from the employer’s PC via a server.