Municipal Credit Union Announces Memorial Day Car Loan Sale-Low Care Loan Rates plus Flexible Terms for MCU Members

NY City, NY (PRWEB) May 22, 2014

Municipal Credit Union (MCU) may hold a Memorial Day Car Loan Sale from May 19 by June 2, 2014. During the sale period, automobile loan rates is because low because 1.45% APR* for new models (2014-2013) plus 2.15% APR for pre-owned models (2012-2010).

Municipal Credit Union is functioning harder than ever to aid its members afford essential purchases. “We care deeply about the members plus their requirements,” mentioned MCU Vice President of Loan Operations Ahmed Campbell. “We are cognizant of the truth which hard-working persons need reliable transportation, plus the Memorial Day Car Loan Sale is regarded as the countless techniques inside that you aim to aid the members better the standard of their life-style without creating a financial load for them.”

Visit to discover much more about the MCU Memorial Day Car Loan Sale.

Municipal Credit Union (MCU) is the oldest credit union inside NY State plus among the oldest plus biggest inside the nation. Established inside 1916 plus headquartered inside NY City, now MCU has assets of over $ 2 billion plus has the full range of financial services to over 350,000 members. With divisions inside NY City, Westchester plus Long Island, members have access to the credit union’s big plus growing ATM network. Eligibility to open accounts at MCU is accessible to NY City plus Yonkers municipal employees; state plus federal employees whom function inside the five boroughs; healthcare experts whom function inside NY State; members of select industry groups; employees of private schools inside NY City plus private plus public schools inside Nassau, Suffolk, plus Westchester; certain family members, plus qualifying retirees. MCU is an equal chance lender plus deposits are federally insured to at minimum $ 250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), a U.S. government agency. For more info regarding Municipal Credit Union, see

APR = Annual Percentage Rate. These rates are accessible to well-qualified borrowers whenever payroll deduction or direct deposit is chosen because the way of repayment. Many candidates usually qualify at high rates because determined by creditworthiness. For model years 2014-2013, the repayments might comprise of 60 monthly repayments of $ 17.29 about every $ 1,000 lent at 1.45% APR. For model years 2012-2010, the repayments usually comprise of 60 monthly repayments of $ 17.60 about every $ 1,000 lent at 2.15% APR. Many restrictions apply. Rates might grow following closing in the event you stop paying the loan by automatic payroll deduction or direct deposit. Rates topic to change without see. Competitive rates accessible for elder models plus refinances. Membership necessary. Special low rate promotion ends June 2nd, 2014.


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How Can I Know Which of My Credit Scores Will Be Used by the Bank When I Apply For a Loan?

There is only one way you can find out which of your scores will be used when you seek the help of a financial institution in making a purchase. And that is by getting a copy of your report from the reporting agencies. Experian, Transunion, and Equifax are the three major reporting bureaus that keep records of consumers’ performances which the financial institutions use as a criterion for determining whom they will give financial aid to and how much they will charge on loans that they approve.

When you get your report, you will find that each of the three bureaus have a score which they have arrived at based on the information they get from your financial and transactional activities. However, since the three bureaus each have individual formulas they use in-house to calculate your performance, and the fact that not all creditors report to the three of them, you are likely to find that the three results are not exactly the same, even though they belong to you.

Let us assume, for the purpose of understanding which of your scores will be used, that your Experian=590, Transunion=613, and Equifax=604. In this exampled case, which is the way banks and other financial institutions determine which result to use, the highest and lowest scores will not be used. It is the middle figure, which is 604 calculated by Equifax will be used to make the decision.

But since this is a low figure, you need to take steps to add more points to your file and thus build a good rating that will get the consent of creditors when you seek a loan. To do this, you can either learn the methods and steps that will turn the situation around for you. Or you can choose to employ the services of a professional credit repair agency to do the job for you.

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Mortgage Net Branch Opportunities in Ohio Finally Give A Lucrative Source of Income for All Qualified Loan Originators

(PRWEB) December 02, 2013

All skilled and qualified mortgage loan originators in Ohio are in for a piece of good news., a well-respected mortgage recruiting firm in association with its current lending ally is all geared up for launching multiple mortgage net branch opportunities in Ohio. The unemployment statistics of the state show that the rate of unemployed people in the state has increased substantially from a mere 5.0% in 2008 to an alarming 9.8% in 2010. Though the figures have declined to a 7.3% as in August 2013, things havent really altered much. The new mortgage branch opportunities could bring in some much needed employment in the finance sector, and would definitely add to the reduction of the unemployment figure.

Embedded within the larger unit of mortgage banking enterprises, being a mortgage net branch will definitely spell advantage for all qualified loan originators in Ohio. Not only will they be spared the bothersome task of obtaining licensing requirements and other practice facilities, they can also avail the added advantage of working under the credentials of a large direct lender, that are Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae Issuers. The opportunity that is being provided by and its lending partners comes laden with attractive perks that is sure to capture the attention of potential candidates.

Candidates with top notch professional skills and qualifications will definitely be given preference over others. Brokers who have already been employed to work in this direction, but are looking to make the broker to banker transition can also apply this opportunity. Candidates need to be well versed on the various loan products available on the market, along with all their advantages and disadvantages. They should also have skills good enough to analyse and assess financial documents, and then suggest a loan product that best caters to the needs of the loan applicant. Candidates can visit the website for information on the subject.

With regard to the notification and recruitment procedure of the candidates, has issued that the entire employment process will be carried out over the internet, and applicants can check out the various industrial web portals for information on how to apply. The leading internet marketers have been retained by the consulting firm in this regard, thus ensuring that that top mortgage net branch companies are allied with the best loan originators. The said recruitment procedure has ensured that the dominance of the consulting firm in question in the mortgage territory for quite a while now. More information on the policies, mode of operation and the like, can be viewed by interested candidates by connecting with the mortgage recruitment enterprise or by logging in to the Facebook page of the company,

The consulting company advertises for loan originators for these new net branch opportunities in Ohio by working with a search engine optimization service. The company distributes content on various mortgage industry webpages, and posts content about the net branch opportunities for loan originators and brokers. The consulting tautening is always actively searching for those looking for mortgage branch companies, and partners them with the mortgage banker. The recruiting tautening continues their online marketing domination, and throughout the bonding community with ads looking for qualified candidates. To learn more about the mortgage recruiting firm, or the different services they provide, contact the firm directly, and talk to a company representative. To learn more about the company or one of its consultants view one of the companys cooperate website here,

Qualified candidates should also make note of the fact that anybody who is outside the range of the consulted firm may not be considered to be suitable for the job. Many if the direct lenders do not rely on any candidate who is not endorsed by the firm, so much so, that the firm is retained as an employment agency by the company to handpick the best professionals for the job, thereby, eliminating the incompetent ones. This ensures that the chiselled applications do not get overlooked and are dealt with in the most efficient manner by the mortgage bankers.

About the company: was start after the mortgage crisis to help struggle loan officers and net branches find bond banks that were able to sustain through the tough times. Kevin Leonard mortgage banking founder of New World Mortgage, has many relationships with lenders and brokers throughout the county, and helps place mortgage loan officers with jobs and ramify opportunities. The company also helps tie some of their banker clients sell closed bond loans with investor overlays to help clear warehouse lines for mortgage bankers.

Contact: Mason Baxter
Phone: 877-889-7474