South Pacific Financial Corporation and eCredable Team up to Help Consumers without Traditional Credit Scores Apply for FHA Loans

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) April 13, 2015

eCredable, a credit reporting agency that helps consumers without a traditional credit history prove their creditworthiness to potential creditors, today announced a new relationship with South Pacific Financial Corporation (SPFC), a mortgage banker that provides a direct retail lending experience to consumers in many western states.

SPFC provides mortgages across the full spectrum of mortgage products including FNMA, FHLMC , GNMA, FHA , VA, RHS and CalHFA. SPFC will use eCredable only for FHA loans.

“We are very excited to be working with South Pacific Financial Corporation, a leading provider of mortgages to thousands of homeowners,” said Steve Ely, CEO of eCredable. “Many of our customers are younger people or immigrants who have not yet established traditional credit histories but want to buy their own homes in the next few years. We verify their monthly on-time payments to help them build a credit history that includes our credit score. SPFC will use eCredable’s AMP Credit Report® and AMP Credit Rating® when underwriting FHA loans, giving more home buyers access to affordable home loans.”

“We are committed to helping as many consumers as possible achieve the dream of homeownership,” said John Johnston, CEO of South Pacific Financial Corporation. “Many consumers choose to apply for FHA loans, due to the many benefits this type of loan has to offer. eCredable has developed an innovative approach to using on-time payments consumers make to build a credit report and score we can use in underwriting FHA loans. This is a real win for the consumer – especially consumers who are financially responsible, but just haven’t built a traditional credit history yet.”

eCredable uses bill payments that are not typically reported to the national credit bureaus to create a credit report and credit rating which can be used by lenders and creditors to qualify the risk of the consumer. Bills like rent, mobile phone, utilities, and insurance have proven to be predictive in determining risk of payment default. eCredable’s product guides the consumer on a journey of building their own AMP Credit Report® with contains verified payment information. The AMP Credit Report(R) includes the AMP Credit Rating®, which lets both the consumer and the lender know where the consumer stands on a scale of A to F.

There is no fee to sign-up for eCredable, enter your account information, and see your estimated AMP Credit Rating. There is a one-time charge to verify payment history at the time of application.

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IS SQ EQ- The Help Guide To Determine Yourself

Choices have considerable meaning to your life. Anthony Robbins said “Once Decision can change yourself forever”. It willn’t have to be massive and overpowering perhaps not thousands simultaneously. It offers Just One. So what usually choice?



I AM GOING TO have the life i would like!


Having made a decision after this you make the next thing, in addition to next thing while the after that!


Now this very first decision doesn’t need IQ, nor SQ but EQ. Wondering the thing I in the morning dealing with? Really IQ you know – it really is your cleverness quotients SQ social quotient. And EQ is mental quotient


You might remember how you sucked at maths but were brilliant at drama! Really we bet it had been the high SQ EQ rating you’ve got that gave you that side at drama while the course Einstein had been hopeless at it! In the college yard the course dunce had been the wizard at trading marbles – that was his high SQ kicking in. He previously amazing negotiating skills and each one liked him!


Today training methods tend to be finally realising we need certainly to develop abilities in all these areas whenever we tend to be to accomplish development inside adult globe. I am happy to express that here in west Australia many teachers are now making huge efforts to accommodate this. Students are given learning experiences that tap into all three aspects and also the analysis exercises are today very likely to offer possibility to utilize all three (IQ SQ EQ).


As a research instructor I’m able to supply an example. I may set difficulty like a primary aid scenario – boy drops off his bike and breaks his arm. Students tend to be to provide the initial aid needed to help this person. Students works in a team (SQ) and create a presentation for me in addition to course demonstrating the techniques for treatment and in addition outlining the science behind their activities (IQ). There would be a team leader and I also would examine how they have actually in the pipeline the presentation and worked collectively as a team. (SQ EQ)


Now you can see this can be more expansive in its options than easy technology test given after pupils see the textbook or medical manual.


Now a very important factor we saw quickly whenever I changed my method of include IQ SQ EQ – the girls began to excel after dark young men! The thing is that you will find some differences between the boys and girls that traditional knowledge methods had not permitted for. Women have now been distinguished because of their personal and psychological understanding for many years. Our training methods have, previously, largely overlooked this and so denied numerous the chance to show their particular skills and capability.


I became reading the Sunday report and discovered an article by Scott Pape Blonde Ambition. (Scott argues your gender genie is out of the investment container). Inside article he talks about the various investing strategies employed by men and women. Overall ladies fare better than men – maybe not because of the areas but the behaviour of the female buyer. Scott goes on to talk about the areas of the trading styles of women and men and concludes with


“. . .the truth is, getting a fruitful investor is not linked with your cleverness or knowledge but rather to your behavior. Once more women appear to have worked this out.”


So what now Scott is speaking about may be the other 2 associated with the triad SQ EQ. Ladies have talents during these areas that guys often are lacking. So when we start looking at wealth creation and investment strategies they often have an advantage!


Today fortunately it is possible to develop talents during these the areas as you created your cleverness at school for all those many years! Cyberspace is full of programs and seminars are run all over the globe every week-end!


You have got just one choice! Are you going to make the action to maneuver ahead and build your capabilities and become knowledgeable in a far more balanced method?


Grab a book, join a workshop, simply take one little action this week!


Good luck for you! John


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MONEXgroups New Technologies Help Create Credit Card Processing Scams Impossible

Toronto, Ontario, Canada (PRWEB) April 08, 2014

Heard of artificial identity scam? If not, there are crooks that pray to come inside contact. Synthetic identity scam involves replicating easy-to-counterfeit magnetic strip development to create a hot credit card – connected to falsified records.

The consequences to ignoring the problem plus not updating the payment processing technologies to EMV Chip Technology are possibly catastrophic for both a company plus a customers. What’s more, the trend is growing! This year artificial scam claims (those dealing with falsified credit cards) are set to approach the thousands with financial losses totaling inside the billions (according to a report published by the CBC). Compare this to 2011 whenever Equifax noticed just 220 reports of artificial identity scam.

Part of the answer lies inside examining the development itself. For example: according to Jason Oxman, chief executive of the Electronic Transactions Association, the United States receives more credit card counterfeiting than any additional nation inside the planet. The United States furthermore, over any alternative nation inside the planet, relies about older credit card info. The black magnetic strip found on the back of the conventional credit card, for example, utilizes the same development because a tape player. It and old POS visitors tend to have fairly small protection plus are convenient to duplicate, permitting crooks to duplicate legitimate cards plus defraud visitors plus companies from revenue.

“It is of the greatest value to safeguard both a company plus a visitors against artificial identity scam by updating to MONEXgroup EMV Chip Technology,” commented Parry Rosenberg, Vice President of Sales plus Marketing at MONEXgroup. “With a MONEXgroup EMV Chip Enabled Terminal – security, security plus safety come because standard because the customer’s four-number PIN is required before the transaction is processed.”

MONEXgroup provides a quantity of secure solutions to confirm which companies curb artificial identity scam. All POS equipment provided by MONEXgroup include top of the line safety measures. Additionally, the Vx 810 POS Terminal (tailored for significant amount sales) is made for the state of the art Contactless Payments capable to be utilized with a contemporary credit card. The chips inside these cards are almost impossible to counterfeit, generating the Vx 810 a front-line deterrent of credit card scam.

MONEXgroup is the first payment processing provider inside Canada providing the lowest rates inside the industry. Our services include: debit card plus credit card point-of-sale (pos) terminals, mobile, integrated plus e-commerce online payment treatments. MONEXgroup serves over 20,000 merchant accounts over Canada in every marketplace segments including: diners, business-to-business, pro services, leisure plus hospitality.

Holly Murray


Marketing Communications


T: 647 204 0197

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