What You Need to Know About Free Credit Repair

Free credit repair is when you do not pay a services agency to fix your report. It is simply a do-it-yourself process which involves being conversant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, which are the laws regulating the system.

Other than these, you need to understand how long negative accounts can remain on your file. For instance, late payments, collection accounts and charge-offs should not spend more than 7 years on your file. Though collection accounts and charge-offs have a 6-month extension in addition to the 7 years after which they should be deleted.

Take a situation where you are required to repay your bank a minimum of 500 dollars monthly until you pay the total debt. The first time when you are late in paying the expected monthly 500 dollars, it will be recorded on your file with the reporting agencies. It does not matter if you are late in subsequent months after the first late payment. The late entry that is reported to the bureaus is the first one.

Now let us imagine a situation where you are to make monthly payments to your bank for a period of 12 months, that is, January to December. Let us again imagine that you defaulted in paying on time for the month of February, which is the second month during the period of repaying the loan. Again, you did not pay on time for the months of July and November. What this means is that you made late payments on three occasions.

However, the way it works is that the 7 year period during which this late payment will stay on your file is from the first late payment which is February and not those of July and November. These are the kind of things you need to understand when you choose to go with the free repair process as against paying a services agency to do the fixing for you.

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