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When all else fail, here are amazing ways to attract your ex after the break up:

1. Make yourself disappear in his life for a while. You need the space to think and time to do so after the break up and so does s/he. If they keep blocking your attempts for reconciliations and giving you the cold shoulder, you might just end up frustrated. Don’t wait for this to happen. You know better than to wait for respect to be lost. Before this happens, take a time off. Have some time alone and think of the things that you want and wouldn’t want to do. Have a game plan and strategize.

2. Take a chance to refashion yourself. Get a chance to try new stuff that you’ve been aching to try since then. Don’t be afraid to reinvent yourself. Make yourself marketable to your network and to other people that you will meet in the process. Make it a known fact that you are single and ready to mingle. Be proud of your new found independence and make the most out of it.

3. Never ask for help but offer your helping hand when needed. If an ex ask for help with whatever reason be grateful that you can help but the trick that will surely make them get curious is you not asking for help. Because an ex automatically assumes that you are dependent to them. And showing them that you are independent will make them think what is happening. Or what is new with your life that makes you so independent. Give him favours but don’t let him count tabs on you.

4. Let your ex do the chasing. After realizing that they did a wrong thing, they will surely compete for your attention, when this happens make sure that you play hard to get. Let him/her do the chasing just to turn the tables around. Make him/her realize what you have experienced when they did the same thing to you. Never prolong their agony though. Give in when you feel it is time to give in.

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We're being stigmatized by 'big data' scores we don't know about
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