Does My Ex Want Me Back? – Common Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

When going through or having just gone through a break up you will probably be constantly wondering “Does my ex want me back“? You will start over analyzing every little thing, every conversation or text message. You might recognize flirting a little more than you did before. Its ok to look into these signs a little further but do not draw any major conclusions just yet.

Common signs your ex wants you back

Some of the common signs that your ex wants you back do include more phone calls than usual, an increase in texting and even e mails. If you two still see each other socially you might notice flirting or intentional subtle touching. These all may be signs that your ex wants you back but you need to keep in mind that if you just go back full blown at this point it might just push them back to where you started at the beginning of the break up. Your best bet in situations like this is to chill out and play it cool. Don’t be totally cold but don’t totally give in either.

Things to remember

It is going to be a normal reaction for the two of you to miss each other and to think about each other a lot. Depending on the duration of your relationship and how close you were it will be a very difficult time. Often when someone is hurting like from the break up they look for comfort in what they know and more often than not that is the very person they just broke up with. Sounds very strange but it’s human nature and you can’t fight that. It is also possible that at this point the both of you are remembering the good times and the good memories. This alone may be drawing you to each other.

Get a strategy, plan, what ever you want to call it just GET IT!

Remember to always be very cautious in this situation. This show of affection or renewed interest could just be your ex messing with you. It’s horrible to think like that but it’s the honest truth. It is at this stage that you need to seriously consider developing a plan. Getting advice from a known professional and making a sound strategy can mean the difference between getting your ex back or not. If you are still asking yourself “does my ex want me back” then you need to get as much information as you can and approach the situation informed.

More Experian Articles Reports the Most Common Tax Preparation Consumer Complaints

New York (PRWEB) January 19, 2015

U.S. consumer advocacy and customer complaints website,, collected and shared the most common tax preparation complaints from its database. To help people avoid similar problems when filing their 2014 taxes, assembled tax preparation tips.

“When it comes to hiring financial professionals, such as a tax preparation service, trust is key,” said Joanna Simpson of “By exposing common tax-related complaints, our hope is that consumers will be able to make better-informed decisions in hiring reputable tax preparation professionals.”

The most common general tax preparation complaints reported to throughout the previous year included:

Tax services that weren’t provided as promised;
Problems receiving expected tax refunds after using a tax professional or service;
General difficulties and complexities when using various tax preparation services;
Issues with “line of credit” offers from tax preparation companies based on expected tax refunds.

To minimize chances of running into these common complaints, recommends the following:

If choosing tax software for a do-it-yourself approach, read reviews from past customers online and make sure the software deals with the unique tax situation presented, such as self employment.
If hiring an independent professional to prepare taxes, seek reviews from local customers and check the professional’s reputation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Also consider researching their credentials with state licensing boards if they are a CPA or tax attorney.
Look beyond promises of big tax refunds. A tax preparation service’s fee shouldn’t be based on the size of the expected refund.
Prepare financial records ahead of time to minimize any complications with the return.
Remember that refund-related lines of credit are not guaranteed.
Carefully evaluate fees before choosing a tax preparer, especially if dealing with complicated returns or overdue taxes. Some firms have been reported for using scare tactics to solicit high fees from consumers, which could otherwise be used to pay federal or state taxes directly.

Reading numerous tax preparation consumer complaints will help you to better prepare for the tax season.    

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