What Lenders Look For In Your Loan Application

Lenders will carefully examine the financial standing of a person who is taking out a mortgage loan, student loan, refinance loan, car loan or some other large type of loan. There are numerous factors that a financial institution will consider before granting a loan application and setting an interest rate for the loan. One’s credit report is extremely important as a person’s credit score will determine if he or she can even qualify for a loan and if so, what the interest rate on the loan will be. However, there are also other factors that will be taken into consideration.

Credit Rating

Fortunately, one does not need a perfect credit rating in order to get a loan at a reasonable interest rate. However, one will need a history of having paid credit bills and other bills on time. A person who has been over 60 days late in paying his or her bills will have a hard time getting a low interest rate loan, as he or she will be perceived as a risk.

Prospective lenders also want to see how many other loans one has taken out and whether or not these have been paid back. In fact, some financial institutions advise people not to take out a home mortgage loan until car loans and student loans have been paid off. If you are already paying off a mortgage loan and one or more other loans, then pay the other loans off first before taking out an additional loan.

Many individuals also do not realize that annual gov credit report checks can also leave a bad mark on their credit. If a person has authorized a lender, employer or some other business or individual to check his or her credit report, this will be noted by the credit agency. Lenders do not like to give low interest loans to individuals whose credit report has been checked numerous times in the recent past. This indicates that a person is either applying for a lot of credit or intending to borrow a lot of money. It is best for one to check his or her own credit report, whenever possible, as this is not noted by the credit agency.

Lenders will also consider how high or low one’s credit limit is. A person with a high credit limit will actually be considered risky by a bank, as the bank will be concerned about one’s ability to spend a large amount of money in a very short amount of time. Before applying for a loan, one will want to close unused credit accounts and/or reduce his or her credit limits. Be sure the credit company notes that this was done at the consumer’s request, as otherwise it can give the impression of having been penalized.

On the other hand, one will not want to eliminate all of his or her credit accounts. A person who has a credit card will want to be judicious and only buy what he or she can actually afford. However, one will want to use his or her credit card on a regular basis, as this will provide one with a record of having made credit purchases and paid them on time. Those who have no credit history often find it just as difficult to get a low interest rate loan as a person with a poor credit history.

Other Factors

While one’s credit score is extremely important, it is not the only factor that is taken into consideration. Banks and other financial institutions will also look for signs of stability or instability in a person’s life. A person who has been employed with the same company for at least a couple of years will have an easier time getting a low interest rate loan than a person who has recently found a job or who has just switched jobs. Living in the same house for an extended period of time is also a sign of stability.

Lenders will also consider what type of employment a person has. Those who are self employed are often seen as a bit of a risk. Self employed individuals often find it difficult to payday loans or large low interest loans. However, such individuals can get low interest rate loans if they are able to show substantial income for the last year or two. Lenders simply want to see that a person not only has stable income in the present but that he or she will also have stable income in the future.

A person who is taking out a mortgage loan will want to save up the money to make a large down payment. The ability to make a sizable down payment on such a loan shows the lender that one has the capability to earn and save money and is thus a responsible borrower. Even a person with less than stellar credit can get a loan at a reasonable rate if he or she can put down a large down payment.

In Summary

A person who is considering applying for loan should first of all consider if now is the right time or not. One’s credit report, job, financial situation and other factors will be considered and will determine if someone can get a loan or not and if so, at what interest rate. An individual should do everything possible to show that he or she is stable, responsible and doing well financially.