Fixing Your Credit Report Profile In Three Days


If you are the type of person who is always busy and work two or three jobs at the same time, below is a quick-fix method which will restore your credit rating starting in only three days.


Day One: Get your three-fold file from freeannualcreditreport dot com and grab a pen-highlighter in your hand while you read your three-fold reports one by one. You can spend your lunch break at work to focus on any one of the three files. While reading through, highlight any negative item you find and be sure you understand what has been documented there. Make footnotes at the bottom of the page so that you can easily recollect your thoughts while reading.


At the close of work, spare a few minutes to focus on a second version of your file. Remember that you have your Experian, Transunion and Equifax. Repeat the same process as you did during lunch break. Again make footnotes if necessary (it could even be anything you want to do pertaining to your report as long as it will improve it).


Reserve the third file for when you get home and apply same process as you did for the first two, but be sure you get it done that same day. Some people are fast readers and can understand all three reports easily. Consider yourself lucky if you fall into that category.


Day Two: Focus on one report at a time, and on a separate plain and neat paper write out all the negative entries and errors that you need to get rid of. Repeat same for the remaining two files using one paper for one version of your file. Remember that the three bureaus are not the same and you’ll deal with them individually.


Day Three: Begin writing and mailing dispute letters to the individual bureaus using standard mail. And never dispute more than one issue in one letter lest it be treated as frivolous.


Note that you can hire a credit repair law firm if your job is too hectic to permit you to do-it-yourself.


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Where to obtain your 3 credit scores free here.

Q&A: where to receive free credit score?


Question by Xxkizanplayerxx: where to receive free credit score?
cant receive a credit card or anything. where is a site where I will really receive my free credit score gov (

Best answer:

Answer by Jelloooo!
Well I was searching for a new auto, that one’s me?
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Too bad I didn’t understand my credit was whacked,
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F-R-E-E, which spells “free,” credit report dot com baby.
Saw their advertisements about my TV. Thought regarding ‘goin nevertheless was too lazy.

Then rather of searching fly plus rolling’ phat,
my legs are following the plastic plus my posse’s getting laughed at.

F-R-E-E, which spells “free,” credit report dot com baby.

Sorry I simply had to.

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