Improve Success Rate with Android Application Development

Most of the mobile developers have misconception that only iOS platform can give you good financial return, of course it was true before sometime ago but with the latest release of Android Jelly bean 4.2 has tempted many to come back to the Android application development. New OS is not only bring some new features and functionalities but also has many new things that iOS 6 doesn’t have thus it is far superior than any other. With Jelly Bean brand Google has shown a stability and consistency in improvement thus it brings maturity in Android development.

Another changes that can lure the developers for Android development are creation of marketplace by creating Google Play store so it can give some organized way of marketing for Android application development products by eliminating spam apps as well as useless free apps and piracy. However, piracy is ubiquitous in all platform but open nature of the Android is more prone to that because pirates are getting free hand to sell their products through other roots than Google Play.

The most tempting thing is that Android is found on the more than half of the total handheld devices of the world due to freedom of choice for various size, features and functionalities as well as cheaper rates due to highly competitive market for various devices. It is true the fragmentation in hardware is the biggest issues for the Android application development companies but the vast audience for their apps is compensating that. If once developers learn the tricks and tweaks to manage the fragmentation in their Android development they have sky open to reach at the every corner of the world.

There are many areas like Android game development are returning good profits for paid apps because now Android audience is understand the term quality and are paying willingly for that. Google place more emphasis on the Android tablets application development because now tablets are getting more acceptance in mainstream and there are various opportunities to get some fortunes in these categories of apps. The latest release of nexus series is the itching point for Apple and Microsoft both so they compelled to release iPad Mini and iPad 4 breaking their schedule and with Surface Microsoft tried to enter into the handheld devices market.

There are good gaming features in Android OS and good support of hardware in devices so Android game development is highly intuitive and attractive for vast audience. Android games are more cloying on tablets than phones so Android tablets application development is more in demand. We can not ignore these facts about the Android and its growing user base because same history is going to repeating as was for the opensource in the web develop. No doubt still Android is not totally comparable with opensource as it has no freedom of language and library choices as well as chances for more integration are fewer so web apps with HTML5 is promising area in this sense.

Many developers have itching with proprietary platforms due to their restrictions and policies which depletes the creativity of developers hence the quality of the apps therefore Android development has bright future being an open platform.

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Debt Consolidation USA Shares Non-Financial Reason To Get Rid Of Debt

Miami, FL (PRWEB) October 17, 2014

Debt Consolidation USA recently shared in an article published October 16, 2014 how consumers can get motivated to pay off their debt. The article titled “4 Non-Financial Reasons To Be Aggressive In Paying Off Debt” explains some of the non-financial benefits of aggressively eliminate debt in the household.

The article starts off by pointing out that consumer debt in the first quarter of 2014 increased by $ 129 billion bringing the total national debt to $ 11.65 trillion. The silver lining in this debt situation is that the delinquency rate has gone down proving that as consumers take on debt, they are paying for them on time. But still the bottom-line is that debt amount keeps on increasing every year on year.

The article shared that debt does not only ruin credit score and finances, it also affects psyche negatively. It casts a shadow over a lot of areas in a consumer’s life – the ambitions, confidence and even relationships. These are some of the reasons why there are non-financial benefits in paying down debt.

The first one is eliminating stress. Stress ripples out to a lot of areas in a person’s life and has adverse effects on so many levels including health. Stress can prevent some people to eat properly or even sleep adequately. This can lead to bigger problems in the long run that can add more debt in the household.

Another non-financial benefit of paying down debt is having stronger family ties.There are a good number of marriages that fail because of financial issues. Paying down debt can also build a person’s financial cushion so that the family will not have to suffer in case a financial emergency happens.

The article also points out how it allows a person to be more generous and giving. The more extra funds that is left over after paying for basic necessities, the more a person can give to those in need. To read the rest of the article, click on this link: